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The Mastbos (570 ha) lies south of Breda on the outskirts of the city, past the A16, at the Ruitersbos district in Breda South. It is the best known and busiest forest in Breda and is known locally.

Park Valkenberg is located in the city center of Breda. It is located behind the Breda Castle with the site of the Royal Military Academy(KMA)(founded in 1828). In the past the present park was the garden of the castle of Breda. Address: J.F. Kennedylaan, 4811 Breda, Netherlands. Phone: +31 900 5222444

Indoor tropical reptile house with snakes, turtles & crocodiles, plus opportunities to handle some. Address: Aardenhoek 26, 4817 NE Breda, Netherlands. Phone: +31 76 587 9165